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Kauai Adventures: The Napali Coast

The sheer beauty of the Napali coast is unimaginable. So much so that I’m convinced you have to see it to believe it. The Island of Kauai is full of hidden gems, but the vast beauty of the Napali coast cannot be ignored. Located on the West Side of the island, you can see the coast in multiple ways including by boat, hiking, or even helicopter tours. On sunny days, the sunlight creates a mesmerizing portrait that is quite literally breathtaking, but don’t worry your guides are CPR certified! Okay so you’re sold, you booked your flight and you’re ready to see the coast. Small businesses flourish from tourist support. There are numerous local companies that will give you an incredible experience. You’ll have knowledgeable tour guides and be sure to create unforgettable memories.

*Na Pali coast by land, air and sea.

If you still need convincing, let me paint you a quick picture. Hi, my name is Kelsey and I’ll be your guide. As we leave the dock you’ll see astonishing cliffs (which never fail to remind me just how small we are). The cliffs reach heights up to 4,000 feet and are a result of geological activity over millions of years. Those who do intense planning and acquire permits are free to experience Kalalau. As we pass by, we can sense the undeniable significance of this beautiful secluded beach. Even from a distance we can see why Kalalau holds a great deal of value to the island. Keep your eyes on the trails, we might see some hikers on those narrow, winding paths. I bet they could use some encouragement, because the trails are not easy. But it’s definitely worth the trip. As we float on, you’ll have the chance to see spinner dolphins dance in the shimmering water — they love to put on a show! It’s important to remember that these amazing animals favor certain conditions, so you’ll have a higher chance of seeing them in the summer months. If you get the chance to meet one, it’s important to approach these creatures with respect and observe them in their natural habitat. Remember the ocean is their home, not ours.

On days where the water is calm, we’ll have a chance to head into some caves. On one of my favorite spots we’ll have the opportunity to witness caves with a 100ft open ceiling! The opening offers an unobstructed view of blue skies. This has to be the most unique view we’ll see today. We’re about to pass by Kalalau beach, which is easily one of the most mesmerizing shores on the island. Hopefully I can help you take some pictures to capture at least half the beauty! Once our diving experience is complete, we’ll hop on the boat and head back to shore. And finally, thank you for joining me on the Napali Coast, I have a feeling I’ll see you again!

Congratulations, you’ve made it back to the dock! You have a new favorite destination.

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